Who is Tracey Chizoba Fletcher ?

Tracey Chizoba Fletcher is a Nigerian-born Briton based in Lagos, Nigeria.  She considers herself to be a jack of most trades in the entertainment industry as she has waded through the waters to emerge a voice-over artist, red carpet host, and mc’s formal presentations. Want to know more about me? Please Click Here

What inspired Feminine Shades?

It may interest you to know that two of the short stories on Feminine Shades were entered in for two different competitions but didn’t make it through. I realized that the two stories were central to the female gender. It gave me the idea to write a book with stories strategic to that. This was how Feminine Shades was birthed. Surely, opportunities can be wrapped around disappointments.  Get More Understanding, Buy Feminine Shades

Are there more books to come?

Yes, most definitely. A writer’s pen is always soaked in ink, ready to fill up those blank sheets with content. Click Here to Find More Books